A free tool for the makers out there

Amplify others on Twitter.

Be amplified in return.

πŸ“£ + πŸ€— = πŸš€

Want to launch your product or do research? But not enough followers for your launch Tweet to be noticed on Twitter?

Join a community who amplify each others most important Tweets.

Get your message out to a wider audience, put your best content first, and find new friends to support & be supported by.

Amplify is... sharing and boosting each others launch Tweets, threads, research & more.

Engage with recent submitted Tweets by liking, retweeting or following in order to gain points.

In return submit your own content so others can then amplify!

Amplify is... being a hero πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ. And being rewarded.

Support others for Amp points

Be a community hero. Share other users' message and earn points.

Submit your own content to be amp'd.

Give, give give, then take. Request the community to amplify for you.

How it works

Amplify. And be amplified.

Amplify stuff you love πŸ“£

You can't spend all your time on Twitter to always follow what's happening. And the algorithm only shows you what it wants you to see. Use Amplify to stay on top of the most important launch tweets & find awesome stuff.

Then be a community hero;

take action to support others with Replies, Retweets, Likes and Follows. Share other users' message, earn points & reputation.

Ask to be Amplified πŸ™

Are you Tweeting something important? Not enough Followers? No reach?

No problem, in return for helping others, you can ask them for support in return when you need it most.

Amplify others.

Twitter is a big, noisy place. People's time is limited.

Users only see what the "algorithm" decides to show.

Make sure you do not miss your fellow makers most important Tweets.

Then easily help amplify their message!

Then its your turn. Share your most important content for a community boost in return!


Follow to find out when we launch. And use the community free forever.

(some features will be paid in future)