Support others. Build relationships. Grow.

Use your time wisely. Spend it engaging with the right people, reading the most important content, and amplifying your own voice.

Discover great content, share your best stuff, find new friends on Twitter & start building authentic, lasting relationships.


Features to help you engage with the right people.

Browse people by your interests

Browse through Twitter accounts based on the topics they are interested in.

Use filters on follower count, how recently active they where, and more.

Maintain friendships 

Tools to help you keep on top of your best friends. Reminders to reengage with friends, and amplify their recent content.

Optimise who you follow

Tools to help you keep your Twitter feed sane. Follow people who have similar interests and engage with you. Follow accounts who you can build a real relationship with.

A public profile for the indie products you love

Showcase the independent products you rely on & can't live without. Use for free or pay to support us and other members of the community.

Build in public, share in public.

Share what you use & make

Setup your profile by selecting the projects you use, and adding in the projects you are building.

Then share your public profile to let the world know!

Build in public, share in public

Pick what you use

simply select the indie projects you use from the database of existing projects, or propose a project to be added. Optionally specify if you're paying for them or not

Showcase what you are building

Show the world what you are building. Add your project to the database and show it on your profile.

Bringing features to discover new amazing people and curate your Twitter Feed.

These 2 amazing projects have joined forces with Amplify to make the ultimate Twitter indie community tool...

Bringing the concept of public "I'm using..." profiles that allow indie makers to share the indie products that they use and love.


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